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MeltFloW basic

The manual equipment is designed for the determination of the MFR value in g/10 min. This equipment works in accordance with the following standards:

  • ASTM D 1238 method A
  • ISO 1133, method A
  • and similar standards.

With microprocessor controlled PID temperature regulator for fast and exact starting of the desired inspection temperatures.

MeltFloW basic plus

Design and functions as our MeltFlow basic, but with automatic cutting device for a better accuracy.

MeltFloW @on

The compact and microprocessor controlled Melt Index Tester is designed to determine MFR values in g/10 min., MVR values in ccm/10 min as well as the melt density in g/ccm.

This equipment is suitable for determinations in accordance with following standards:

  • ASTM D 1238, method A and B
  • ISO 1133
  • and others

Genuine modular testing instrument with microprocessor unit for the computation of

  • up to 50 MFR or MVR individual values per attempt,
  • average value, standard deviation,
  • shear stress, shear rate and viscosity

MeltfloW @on plus

Design and functions as our MeltFlow @on, but completely equipped with:

  • Automatic cutting device,
  • automatic weight lifting device,
  • integrated set of weights from 1,05 kg to 21,6 kg

Karg Industrietechnik - Competence in material testing

We understand ourselves as a competent supplier of products and services within the range of material testing. As service oriented company we offer beyond that user trainings, maintenance and calibration of testing instruments.

The satisfaction of our customers is important to us, because they expect a matured, the current technological conditions appropriate product, a high-quality equipment, quick support and professional service.

In order to offer evenly this service, we developed this website for you. Here you can expect you our complete product catalog, information about our company and an overview of our services. Naturally we are also personally at your disposal. Please contact us!

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